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B.O.C. Travels offers a full range of travel services for all clients. We are proud of our ability to provide quality travel products to International Travelers at the best possible price. No matter what your travel requirements are we can tailor-make the best arrangement for you. Please contact our friendly staff to find out more...

We are fully computerized with the Galileo Reservation System and all ticket issues are automated. This gives us direct access to the global computerized system of Air Line reservations.Galileo

We are a State of the Art IATA Travel Organization IATA Agent

Air transport is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is its global trade organization.

(Civil Aviation Licence No: A-145)

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Our Vision
" To be a "Best in Class" travel solutions provider "

Our Mission
" Infuse and permeate professionalism, efficiency and excellence into our product and service offerings to exceed customer aspirations in traveling the world "

Why B.O.C Travels ?
Going the Extra Mile
Being in a highly competitive industry, we are aware that our total travel solutions must anticipate the future and present our customers with solutions that are unique and unmatched. Our team is geared for this and has therefore added value to our extensive product and service portfolio to ensure that our customers are happy with what we offer.
A dedicated 24/7/365 hotline to deal with any emergency
Specializing in pilgrimage tours to India and other pilgrim destinations
Dedicated team member to handle individual corporate needs
Customized travel solutions for both inbound and outbound travel
Best foreign exchange rates and other value added services due to the strong relationship with Bank of Ceylon
Building on the Past to Travel into the Future
Garnering experience from our inception in 1990 as the Ceybank Travel center under the aegis of Bank of Ceylon, today we are among the largest travel solution providers to a range of customers, from individuals, to corporate to the state. Having been established primarily to handle the state’s official travel needs, our success was further impressed when we were transformed into a Limited Liability Company in 1995 as a fully owned subsidiary of Sri lanka’s premier national bank, Bank of Ceylon.
The experience, expertise and professionalism we have collated over decades are now firmly imprinted in our wide and varied portfolio of travel solutions catering to every customer’s need and aspiration.
Leading with Professionalism
Headed by Directorate of the country’s largest state owned bank and led by a Senior Management Team whose collective experience and expertise accounts for two decades, our extensively trained over 50 member team espouses a highly efficient knowledge based culture, with emphasis on customer service excellence.

With the security and stability translated from Bank of Ceylon into B.O.C. Travels through its worldwide presence, our specialty in providing total travel solution remains firm and strong. Into this equation, we have added the professionalism and expertise of an upwardly mobile team whose ability to intersperse learning and practicality into total travel solutions that exceed our customer expectations have been proven beyond doubt over the years.

Our Competitive Advantages
Being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Ceylon which has a countrywide presence and also international presence in select countries around the world, B.O.C. Travels is firmly positioned to imbue the advantages of the security, stability, products and services that the Bank engages in. In addition, being an IATA (International Air Transport Association) accredited travel agency and an accredited member of the TAASL (Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka), as well as an authorized agent for all major airlines and primary offline airlines, we are able to obtain the best pricing and shortest routes for efficient itinerary planning. The Galileo Reservation System we operate on also gives us direct access to global online reservation systems adding further advantages to the efficiency and timeliness of our product and service delivery.


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